The Orange Circle in Orange, CA

In the city of Orange we have what has come to be known as “the Orange Circle.” It is a small park surrounded by a roundabout, named Plaza Square, which is actually the intersection of two major streets, Glassell Street going north and south, and Chapman Avenue going east and west.

This intersection is surrounded by numerous small offices, shops, and eateries that invite pedestrian traffic. One popular location is the Orange Circle Antique Mall at 118 South Glassell Street. As antique shops go, this location is a very large shop. It features a large variety of items large and small from various decades. Each “stall” has its own seller. This “mall” has a large basement filled with more spaces and shops. You can find this mall on Facebook to get more information.

Another antique shop is Country Roads Antiques and Gardens at 204 West Chapman Avenue. Along with various antique items set in a rustic themed surrounding, this location also has a variety of plants in unique pots just outside the store. This mall maintains a great Facebook site.

Just down the street is Felix Continental Café, located on the south-west section of the roundabout at 36 Plaza Square. This restaurant specializes in Spanish and Cuban dishes. One very popular dish is Paella Valenciana, which is Spanish rice topped with shellfish, calamares (squid), fish, chicken, pork, and chorizo. You can find more information on hours, menu, and prices online at I highly recommend Felix.

Across from the Orange Circle Antique Mall is a wonderful spot called Paris in a Cup Tea Salon and Cafe. It is located at 119 South Glassell Avenue, directly across Glassell from the Antique Mall. They specialize in French macarons, as well as scones, tea sandwiches, and a variety of lunch meals and desserts for the weary shopper.

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