Placentia’s Original Pancake House

On occasion my family would go out to eat brunch. Several times we ate at the Original Pancake House in Yorba Linda. This restaurant recently moved to Placentia in the Fall of 2018. We dined at this location earlier this year.

This restaurant is located at the west end of a building in a strip mall. You find the name of the establishment on the end wall over the windows to the right of the main entrance. You also find the restaurant’s logo, a chef holding the handle to a griddle, around the corner to the front of the building.

When I walked into the restaurant, I saw a clean, uncluttered ambience with framed posters and farmhouse decorations. There are several booths located at the windows while the interior is filled with numerous café tables with two chairs each.

Not to be confused with its competitor, the International House of Pancakes (IHOP), OPH offers, I think, a wider variety of pancake, crepe, waffle, and egg dishes. One of my favorites is their Dutch Baby (also known as the German pancake). It is a single large pancake that is baked, not cooked on the griddle, and served with butter, lemon wedges, and powdered sugar.

On other visits to OPH, I tried their Swedish pancakes with lingonberries, their sourdough pancakes, and their bacon pancakes (picture below.) They were all delicious.

One of OPH’s specialties is their apple pancake, a mound of apples, cinnamon and pancake. I understand that this dish requires more time to prepare (maybe 20 minutes.) You might be wise to ask your waiter for the current wait times before you decide to order.

Their Danish Kijafa Cherry crepes is another specialty which is crepes served with a sauce made with Montmorency cherries and kijafa, or cherry wine.

The restaurant’s transition from Yorba Linda to Placentia took longer than it was expected, perhaps two years. But I believe that it was well worth the wait.


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